Saturday, 24 July 2010

My Son’s End of Year Nursery Summer Fete

Yes it was my sons end of year Summer Fete this week. 
First they had sports day, followed by the Graduation Ceremony for all the little ones going off to School Nursery or Reception class.  It was such fun to see the children taking part in Sports Day with all the races they did and the medals they each received at the end.  And then the Graduation Ceremony where all the leavers got their cap and rolled up certificate.  At the end of photo’s they all threw their caps in there air – it was so lovely to see!  My little one has one more year there so I will save up the hankies for his Graduation Ceremony before he goes onto “Big School”.
So onto the Summer Fete par of the day.  As usual parents were asked for toys, games, unwanted gifts etc.  Well after passing on some bottles of sparkling wine and such left over from our daughters Naming Ceremony, I got down to the fun of making some little gifts for the raffle.  The inspiration came from Monica Gale's Blog.  I just took it a little further and added the notebook and pencil.


And here they are all gift wrapped and tagged.

Picture1   Picture4

I hope you like them.


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