Thursday, 6 January 2011

Memo Block Holder–Tutorial


I just love this little Memo Block Holder.  It’s so easy to make.


It’s a great way to use 12 x 12 scrapbooking papers.  I have loads and I am always looking for new ways to use them other than on a scrapbook page or a card. Once you have made it and seen how quick it is to put together you’ll want to make loads as presents for your friends. I’ve made lots of these as presents for family, my son’s Nursery School Teachers, as prizes for the nursery raffles.

Unfortunately, I ran out of the white paper Memo Blocks so i filled this one temporarily with 3” x 3” Post it notes.

I’ve put together a small tutorial for you:-

Paper block holder



 Materials required:


·         Paper trimmer

·         1 inch circle punch

·         12 x 12 DSP (Designer Series Paper of your choice)

·         Cardboard (The white card from the DSP Packs is good for this or use cereal box cardboard and cover with DSP)

·         Ribbon

·         Pencil

·         Adhesive

·         Bone scorer

·         Cardstock (Matching colour from your Designer Series Paper Colours)


·          Step 1:

Take your sheet of 12 x 12 Designer Series Paper , and cut 3 inches off two of the sides, so that it now measures 9 x 9 inches (23 x 23 cm)




Step 2:

Fold the square piece of paper in half one way and then in half the other way……like this:


 clip_image006    clip_image008

Step 3:

Fold each corner into the centre. Be sure to flatten with your bone scorer so you have a flat fold. So this for each corner, and it should look like this:




It looks a bit like the start of one of those games that we all made at school – Remember those?


Step 4:

On each long side fold in toward the centre, Making sure that the centre part will be large enough to take your memo block paper.


You will need to do this for all four sides and once you have done that it should look like this:


 clip_image012               clip_image014    


Step 5:

Fold out two opposite ends.


Step 6:

Fold in the two sides so that they fold in toward each other, like in the picture below.



 clip_image016                  clip_image018

Step 7:

Take the large point flap and fold it in and over the folds you just did. The point should meet up with the others in the inside. Do this for the other side as well.


Step 8:

Once you have both sides folded you will end up with a box like so. It is essential that you run your bone scorer over each fold, or it won’t fold into each other nice a flat. This is called an Origami box.


clip_image020                   clip_image022   


Step 9:

Cut a 3 x 3 inch square (or check size if your memo block was larger or smaller) of cardstock and place it in the bottom of the box to make it more sturdy.





Take your 1 inch circle punch and on one side punch out a half moon.





Step 11:

Cut out one piece of cardboard, and one piece of DSP measuring 3.5 inches by 4 inches. Layer the paper on top of the cardboard.


clip_image027                        clip_image029


Step 12:

 Mount your paper box, using sticky strip or Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive, on top of the cardboard, so that it has a sturdy base. Fill your box with 3 x 3 inch pieces of paper or Post it Notes.  Decorate the outside of the box.


clip_image031                         clip_image033 


Step 13:

Cover a pencil or pen with some DSP and created a little holder for it on the front of the cardboard sheet. Then you’ll always have a matching little pencil to write the notes on.  My pencil came from that well known furniture store from Sweden, but you could use Golfing pencils or similar.


clip_image035 clip_image037


clip_image039      clip_image040


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