Monday, 12 March 2012

Inspiration - Where does yours come from?


Ask any crafter and they will tell you that it can come from anywhere.  A quilt cover in John Lewis or the pattern on a gift bag in a shop window?  Perhaps from an article in a magazine?  More often than not though a crafters inspiration comes from another crafter.

It may be an element on a scrap page or on a card, you just never know when inspiration will take place.

Las year I took part in a Card Candy Swap with some other Demo’s over on the ILWS website.  It was designed for those going to Stampin’ Up! convention.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to go but the lovely Sara offered to be my Card Candy buddy and take the 10 packs that I was to make over with her to swap with the others involved.  I got some truly fabulous Card Candy back.

One of which inspired me to make the following card.


It’s made using the fabulous Everything Eleanor Stamp Set.  I love the middle label that lends to the focal of the card.  This inspiration was taken from one of the Card Candy Elements form the following set made by Lindsey Mortimer and fellow Demonstrator.  Aren’t they fabulous?



So what about you?  Where do you get inspiration from?  Do you have fellow crafters that just inspire you tons?  Or do you find inspiration from things you see while shopping?

So next time you see something that inspires you, take a picture or a sketch, as you’ll be sure to make something from it!

Back Soon.

Happy Crafting!


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