Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Facebook v Twitter


Facebook..Social networking - a way to keep in touch. 

I succumbed to Facebook as I felt it would be a great way of keeping in touch and updating lots of people about Stampin’ Up!  I also have a Twitter account too.

It’s funny though as most people are either Tweeter’s or FB Fans.  Me?  I’m a little from column A and a little from column B on this one. 

When it comes to Twitter, I do love neatness of it.  140 characters.  That’s it, short, sweet and to the point.  I can add pictures, links to other things, tweet about what's going on and what i am doing in short bursts of information.  Excellent use of limited time.

But with a Facebook Page I can put in more information, still add photo’s along with other stuff like video (this is on my 101 crafting things left to do list).  I can also add event’s like  my classes to it so anyone can see and join my events.

Both have their plus and minus’s as does blogging but all of which allow me to keep in touch with you, my followers.  I love knowing that you are out there and checking in with me.

So if you’re a FB Fan or a Twitterer, check out my links, befriend, follow or like to your hearts content.  I’d love to see you on there soon.



Let me know if you have a FB page too so I can pop along and see you!

Back Soon

Carry on Crafting……



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