Monday, 27 February 2012

Scrap Class


I know, I am sorry.  I did promise to post some photo’s from the Scrapbook class last Monday.  It’s been such a busy week that I overlooked it.  So I am today making sure that I post them up for you and get some more projects ready to post up about later this week.

I hope this fins you well today?  It’s a little cloudy as I sit here writing this post.  Nothing like the warm weather we have had over the weekend.  Without the wind you could have been forgiven for thinking it was summer!

As you may know or may have read previously my classes have a new home.  I always ran my classes from home of an evening.  This has always worked well, but as my 2 little ones are getting older and we are moving home I wanted to get a more permanent home for the classes so that even after I have moved I could continue to see my crafty girls.  Alas, no crafty guys just yet, but here’s hoping that I may get one or two attend someday soon.

I planned a Scrapbook class for my girls around the Tea Time Simply Scrapping kit



This kit is just fabulous, and the girls had a lot of fun making their pages.  I made sample pages for them to copy along with a tutorial giving them all the cutting sizes for the Photo mats etc.  The reason my pages are so simple is because I encourage my girls to step up their pages with their own designs.  Their creative personality shows through the way they embellish and add to their pages.  It also allows me to learn different looks and styles through my girls. 


Here they all are ready for the girls to start…

photo 3

This is the Art Room with have at the Harrow Arts Centre.  I laid the tables out ready for my girls, they even had a Big Shot station, a punch station and a stamping station so that they could have plenty of play space on their own area to spread out.

photo 4

Now I must just show you this, and it is one of the reasons why I absolutely fell in love with the room……

photo 1

Isn’t that window just gorgeous? I love the fact it’s such and old building and that the art block stand proudly on it’s own.  Shame the view is the back of Morrisions but hey ho, can’t have everything can we? 

I am sorry but as we were chatting and creating so much on the day I did get to take any pictures of the girls pages that they made.  Next time I will take some!

If you would like to buy the tutorial for the Tea Time Scrapbook Kit Scrap Class, I will be posting it on my blog soon.

I have a card class this Thursday (1st March), so if you fancy joining in, please do get in touch to book your place.

Keep Crafting & Happy Scrappin’


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