Monday, 6 February 2012

Hobbycrafts Show Day 4

Well we all managed to get back to the Hobbycrafts Show at Bluewater, Kent again today despite the snow. The main roads from Bromley where I was staying with Pat and her family were pretty clear. After the car had been cleared of snow we set off taking a slightly longer route to get on the A2 (I think) to head towards Bluewater.

After a slight wrong turn we were back on track as we turned into another road to see a badly damaged car in the road in front of us. It had skidded and hit a lamppost and been left.... Or so it had seemed!

Next thing the doors opened up and both the driver and passenger got out amongst lots of steam or smoke and as we pulled along side we saw both airbags had been deployed! Luckily they were both OK and were in the care of a passerby who'd seen the accident. If we had been a minute earlier it could have been us and not the lamppost that they hit!

Once we had arrived we still arrived with 15 mins to spare. So we got a cuppa to warm up and set us up for the day.

We had a lot of laughs during the day and a fair few die-hard crafters who braved the elements to come see us.

Our Make and Take for the day was designed by Annette. I had a go at making it and you can see it here....

At last today I finally got to take a picture of our stand in full. It looked fabulous. Kim & Shirley had done such a sterling job of settling up in the freezing cold on Wednesday. With all the little bits we each added I think you'll agree it was such a wonderful and inspiring stand.

I'm sorry I didn't get to blog more but we were very busy over the weekend and I didn't have such a good signal in the building to be able to do more updates. That and we were very busy most days meeting all the lovely ladies and gents too that stopped by to see us.

Take care and Happy Crafting!

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