Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A new chapter… A new home & a new Craft Room!

Back at the beginning of June my family and I said our goodbyes to our family home in Harrow as we embarked on a new chapter of our life.  After both my hubby Steve and I had grown up in and around the areas of Harrow, we felt that it was time for a change.  Somewhere a little less grey, and a lot more green.  It had been something that we had discussed on and off for a few years and eventually we took the plunge put our house on the market and eventually it sold.

Our old home:


Our old house held a lot of very special memories for us both.  It was our family home, our eldest went through her teens there until she left home to live over in Essex,  just a couple of weeks before we moved.  We brought two new babies home to that house, we’d had parties for Naming Ceremonies for the babies, New Year parties, birthdays, fireworks…you name it and we may well have had a party for it!

On the lead up to the move we had to pack up many of our lovely belongings (luckily we had a spare bedroom to store these boxes in for the last couple of weeks! )  And I had to pack up my craft room!

My old craft room which was a converted kitchen from the annex flat in the house:


See the old cooker hood?  No my stamp sets weren’t holding it up Winking smile


Oh my, did I find a lot of craft stash or what!!??  There was stuff I hadn’t seen in years.  Well I had a good clear out of goodies I can tell you and both my youngest daughter’s nursery and son’s previous school both benefitted from that clear out.


And so the day finally came, Friday June 1st.  We sent the children of to school and nursery and the vans came and packed all of our worldly goods (well except for some clothes, toys and craft items) and took them away ready to be deliver the following week. I wanted to get in the new house and clean!

Our new home near Wokingham, Berkshire:

I fell in love with it the day we pulled onto the drive when we came to see it.  It’s my Christmas house!  I need to get fairy lights for the front.  What you can’t see is to the right of the picture in our garden is a huge pine tree!  Oh how I wish I could put lights on that too!

Look what was waiting for us in our back garden!!  The little ones saw it out there, Jaden said it was a Donkey, and Cameron said it was a Camel!  Time to get the animal books out I think.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Don’t worry we managed to coax him out and he must have gone back to his family as we haven’t seen him again.

DSC02624 DSC02625
And my new craft room…Eeek!  I need to get that decorated quick!  Look at the hand made shelving.  Bless,  I think they made them out of old cupboards they no longer wanted as they were all different types of wood in there!

DSC02295 DSC02300

Fast forward a few months and in that time the children have new bedrooms all painted, carpeted and decorated. 

My two girls,  eldest Chelsi, and youngest Cameron lent a hand.  Love them!

And I have my brand new Craft Room!  And I must say huge thanks to my in-laws for helping to get it done in record time! And my friend Dan who helped me get all the desks done.  And of course Steve, my patient hubby, who just lets me get on with these mad projects and is there to lend muscle when it’s needed!

Apologies as I took the photo on my iPhone.  This is prior to boxes being unpacked!

photo 3

Don’t you just think the Marilyn Monroe wallpaper is just fab?  And I really love the vinyl floor covering!  No worries now if  drop the black ink pad!

photo 2

I replaced the shelving with white bookcases from Ikea!  Actually all the furniture was from Ike, the wallpaper and paint from B&Q and the vinyl flooring from Hooper's Carpets in North Harrow.  Yes I know that’s where I used to live but they have done our carpets in all our old homes, plus Steve’s parents and hi grandma’s house when she was alive!  When a company’s good, you just keep going back!

Oh the rest of the house is getting done too, but I have my craft room!  As a crafter you know just how exciting that is don’t you?

Ok next time, i promise you’ll get more paper projects than wallpaper projects!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Elaine I really enjoyed reading your little story on moving house...and WOW what a fabulous new craft room....


  2. Lovely craft room, Elaine. The house looks beautiful too.

  3. Fabulous craft room! It was great to see you & your wonderful creations at the Fayre today :-)