Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy New Year


Happy New Year to you all!  Where did the holiday season go so fast?  We spend so much time preparing for it and then it’s over with in what seams like a flash!

Did you have a fun filled festive time?  Did you manage to sneak in some crafting?

I had hoped to bring you some blog posts over the festive period but I had littlies ill, family and various other stuff going on that I didn’t get near the laptop for days!  I was getting withdrawals from crafting as well i can tell you!

So here’s a quick update of Christmas for you and yes there was a tiny bit of crafting in there!

Just before the children broke up from school before Christmas they came home with these…


They are called Christingles.  Well where we used to live the schools never took part in this tradition.  So this was a lot of fun for the children learning about the meaning behind them.  If you want to find out more you can see it here

Late on Christmas eve after the children got into their PJ’s we wrapped them up in coats and their wellies to put out some magic reindeer food.  Well you have to be sure that the reindeer know where to stop, and seeing as we have more room for the sleigh out the front of the house than the back at the moment Jaden and Cameron sprinkled lots of it all over the front lawn!

Reindeer Food

Reindeer food  Christmas Eve

Boy were the children spoilt on Christmas dy.  They had so many presents under and around the tree that they ended up opening them in 2 batches!  Do you like the red in the tree?  The ribbon was a bit to wide to make bows to put on so all i did was take lengths, cut them at a diagonal and push them into the tree for a slightly different look.  It’s OK that’s not the crafty bit i mentioned earlier,  there is more.


At new year, we always have a nice gathering of our friends for an evening of food, drink, giggle and a New Years Quiz that spans 2 years.  That’s right we start in on December 31st and Finish on New Years Day!

We had a fabulous night and the quiz went really well all thanks to my husband Steve who had spent a couple of months working on it.

Onto the crafty bit…see I promised didn’t i?

I tend to go for throw away plates and cutlery at New Year.  It just makes things easier, but I wanted to house the cutlery in some nice containers.  Even if they were plastic knives and forks!  So on the run up to Christmas I saved up a few food tins and made these…


I used the Newspaper print Designer Series papers and  Framelits Labels die for the background and then the Modern and Decorative label punches for the name plates.

You can just about see that I wrapped the Spice Cake fabric around the middle of the tin.  I cut a strip about 2 inches thick and frayed the edges before sticking it to the tin.

Add a couple of butterflies and some Basic Rhinestones and there you have some very pretty, shabby, repurposed tins.


I even used one for some flowers!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post and the repurposed tins.  I think they would look gorgeous used for family summer barbeques or even as pen pots for your desk.

I'll be back soon with some more bits from pre-Christmas that I haven’t had an opportunity to show you, plus some new bits that i have been working on.

Happy crafting!


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